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We combine property listings, leads and client matching system, market analysis and deal reports into one comprehensive package that brings all of your needs at your fingertips with the use of artificial intelligence, multiple portal platform and CRM services.

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Monopolion has formed strategic alliances with leading regional and international property portals in order to offer even more value-added services to clients. Monopolion clients can advertise their property listings on different portals directly through Monopolion. Once users have entered property details into Monopolion, the process of posting each property´s details onto various partner portals (regional and international) is automated instantly, saving you both time and money.


Dynamic, intuitive and real-time CRM features 24/7, anytime, anywhere. Monopolion offers clients CRM functionality like call center management, lead distribution management and more. Reach potential and existing clients ahead of the competition with our unique SMS capabilities. It allows users to pre-set an SMS to an event, which would be automatically triggered for sending. With Monopolion, your information is always up-to-date and accessible by your agents from anywhere in the market.

User-Friendly Interface

Managing your property listings is now easier than you ever can imagine. Monopolion gives you full control of your property listings, allowing you to update and edit information at anytime, anywhere as well as create files for clients and properties that are matched to key parameters. Your staff members will always be equipped with up-to-date information of all your contacts, properties and customers in a click of a button.


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